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Mousse is also from the Village of Amazons. He is a childhood friend of Shampoo's, who's always been in love with her. He first proposed to her when they were three years old. But according to the Amazon law, the woman must marry the man who defeats her in battle. But for poor Mousse, it looks like it'll never happen. Shampoo kept defeating him everytime.

When Shampoo was defeated by Ranma, Mousse was not concerned, because Ranma was female at the time, and he figured Shampoo was just off to kill Ranma. But after he heard Shampoo was defeated by a guy, and wanted to claim him as her husband, Mousse stalked off to Japan in anger. He challenged Ranma, but lost.

When Mousse went back to China to train, he happened to go to the Jusenkyo. As he was attempting to train, he accidently walked in to the Yaazuniichuan, the Spring of Drowned Duck. On his return back to Japan, he took buckets of the Yaazuniichuan back to try and get Ranma with them, and he even resorted to kidnapping Akane to lure Ranma. Of course Ranma won, and Mousse was defeated.

If Mousse had been wearing his glasses, he would have never walked into the cursed spring. Mousse is very VERY blind without his glasses on, and always mistakes one person for another, or sometimes, even objects for people. A lot of the time, he forgets to wear his glasses, and makes foolish (but humorous) mistakes. He has taken to living in the Neko Hanten, working for Cologne, and he is always determined to beat Ranma so that he can win Shampoo.

Mouse is pretty much a normal guy, except for the fact he worships Shampoo. He is very very devious about winning her, and has tried many times to get Ranma out of the picture, and each time has failed. He has almost as much pride as Ranma, but is willing to throw it all away for Shampoo. The main reason that Mousse may come off as an idiot, is because he forgets to wear his glasses, or acts stupid around Shampoo.

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