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Real Name: Aino Minako
Birthday: October 22
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B
Favorite Color: Yellow and Red
Hobbies: Chasing after Idols
Favorite Food: Curry
Least Favorite Food: Shiitake Mushrooms
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: Math and English
Has Trouble With: Mama and the Police
Strong Point: Playing
Dream: To be an Idol
Favorite Gemstone: Topaz
Seiyuu: Fukami Rica

Minako goes to a different junior high school from the other Inner Senshi, but in SailorStars, she attends Juuban High School with them. She is a very lively girl. Her guardian cat is Artemis. She's like Usagi- well, they could be twins. They look almost exactly alike, except that her hair color is a shade different, and they have many moments throughout SM when they do exactly the same things. For example, in the first season, the skating episode, when they convince the others to go skating with them. Also when they stalk Haruka in S, for most of the episode they copy each other. Anyway, as you can see, she's a major ditz, but incredibly funny.

Minako was the first Sailor Senshi. When she was living in England, she met Artemis, and she became Sailor V. She fought villains there as V, and she was friends with Alan and Katarina, a police officer. However, she fell in love with Alan, but both Alan and Katarina thought of her as only a child, and they fell in love with each other. When V and Katarina were investigating a warehouse, a bomb exploded inside, and Katarina thought Minako was killed. It was then as V watched Katarina and Alan embrace that she realized they were in love, and so she left, leaving them to think her dead. She returned to Japan and became Sailorvenus, joining the rest of the Inner Senshi.

In the manga, she is obviously the leader of the Inner Senshi, and she holds a great deal more maturity. In the anime, her role is a little less defined, and Sailormars looks like more of the leader. Strangely enough, Minako in the first season is extremely mature; the episode about her past, episode 42. Somewhere between SM and SMR, Minako apparently got a ditz attack because after the first season, she shows practically no real maturity at any point.

She has three forms:
* Sailorvenus
* Supersailorvenus
* SailorStarVenus [manga only]

In addition to her forms as Sailorvenus, she also is the Princess of Venus in the manga only.

Her items as Sailorvenus include:
* 3 Henshin sticks
* Communicator watch
* Chain whip thing
* A sword found on the moon [manga only]