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Mikado Sanzenin

Mikado attends Kolkhoz High, which is the rival school of Furinkan High School. He is the other half to the famous "Golden Pair" of Martial Arts Figure Skating. He was introduced to Ranma and Akane, because of his partner, Azusa Shiratori, and the whole P-Chan abduction problem. Mikado saved P-Chan from Azusa's clutches, and returned him back to Akane, while trying to kiss her. Ranma stopped him, and also challenged him.
Besides his arrogent attitude, Ranma also dislikes Mikado, because when Akane was trying to teach Ranma how to skate, Mikado saved Ranma from falling, and then kissed him. Only the him, happened to be a her at the time. Being understandably ticked off, they fought, and tied.
Mikado is obsessed with kissing girls. He brags about how each time he kisses a girl, they are more beautiful than the last. He is agressive towards getting what he wants, and is egotistical. Though he keeps up a cool demeanor, he can get annoyed when his whiney partner starts to beat on him because she doesn't get her way.

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