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Tatewaki Kuno

Kuno, also known as "Upperclassmen Kuno" or as he calls himself, the "Blue Thunder" of Furinkan High, is the Kendo captain at the school. He is also one of Ranma's major enemies. He was respected and was a big influence at the school, before Ranma stepped in, and ended their first match in a draw.
Kuno is also known to quote poetry when he expresses how he feels about things, especially when it comes to his feelings for Akane Tendo. He declared that whoever wanted to date Akane, would have to defeat her in a fight. Because of this, every morning Akane would have to beat off crowds of guys trying to defeat her. But everything was changed when Ranma moved in. When learning of Ranma's engagement to Akane, most of the guys stopped bothering her, but Kuno never gave up. During their fight, Ranma lands in a pool, and changes into Ranma-Chan. Kuno, being a really dense character, doesn't notice that Ranma-Kun and Ranma-Chan are one and the same, and develops a love for his "Pig-tailed girl" as well.
Kuno has a very sophisticated way of talking, and is a big self absorbed, with a big ego. He is always fantasizing about Akane and his pig-tailed goddess, and continues to chase them both, without ever realizing that Ranma and Ranma-Chan are the same. He normally keeps a cool, poetic and calm attitude.

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