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Kodachi Kuno

Kodachi is the younger sister of Tatewaki Kuno, and goes by the name the "Black Rose" of Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics. She is a lot like her brother in some ways, and in other ways is not. She though, is always prepared to pull dirty tricks to win.
Kodachi was used to winning most of her matches by defult. She would ambush the opposing team before her matches. The case was different however when she got mixed up with Akane and Ranma. She tried to dispose of Akane before their match, and ended up falling madly in love with Ranma. After finding out that Ranma and Akane were engaged, she strengthend her efforts to try and rid Akane from the picture. Akane ended up hurting herself, and Ranma-Chan had to take her place.
Ranma-Chan was able to defeat Kodachi in their match. One thing for the Kuno Family is that they are pretty dense when it comes to figuring out that Ranma-Chan, and Ranma-Kun are the same person. She thinks Ranma-Chan is in love with Ranma-Kun (not realizing they are the same person) and wants to eliminate her as well, so that she can have Ranma-Kun all to herself.

Kodachi is similar to her brother, but has no sense of honor. She doesn't mind about breaking rules, pulling dirty tricks, using paralysis gas, poison, or anything else to get what she wants. She's very determined about winning Ranma away from anyone else who wants him, and she is an evil, backstabbing character, who seems to be on the brink of insanity.

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