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Kirin is the leader/master of the Seven Lucky Gods Martian Arts, which is a group that is based in Nekonron, China, and protected by a group of Gates, that each has it's own guardian. Kirin, equiped with a flying ship, is able to leave his domain and seek out whatever he needs from other places.
Kirin was looking for the woman with the other half of the legendary scroll of the Seven Lucky Gods. The legend behind the scroll was that whoever had the other half of the scroll, was the woman destined to become Kirin's bride.
The other half of the scroll was Lychee's, until Akane momentarily picked it up, and Kirin's ship came down from the skies, and captured her to become Kirin's bride. Ranma and company followed Kirin's ship all the way back to Nekonron, and finally they reached his domain. Ranma had to pass by all the Gates in order to reach Kirin's tower. It was a tough battle, but of course, Ranma beats Kirin, and Kirin realizes the love they feel for each other (although neither of them would ever admit it). In the end, he marries Lychee.
Kirin appears to consider himself a prestigious member, and is proud, and haughty. He talks in the third person, used by those of high birth and blood. He is very confident that he can beat anyone, and has a very agressive nature to him.

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