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Kasumi Tendo

Kasumi is the oldest of the three daughters of Soun Tendo. After the Tendos' mother died, Kasumi kind of took over the role as a mom. She took the responsibility of cooking and cleaning, and all the other household duties. She mastered cooking, and after graduating from high school, she took kind of a permanent job as a substitute mother.
Although Kasumi doesn't seem to be looking for love, she would look for it in an older man. What she doesn't seem to notice is how love struck Dr. Tofu is. Even though she seems him often, she never can tell that he really loves her.
Kasumi has an optimistic attitude towards everything that happens, and deals with things the best she can. Even though she may seem ignorant, she pays attention to warnings, and stays away from dangerous situations. She also can be oblivious to things, and seemingly has no negative side nor anger to her. She is one of the calmest characters.

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