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Hikaru Gosunkugi

Hikaru is one of the characters in Ranma1/2 that you really don't see all that often. "You wouldn't now me," he says to Kuno, "Nobody does." Hikaru likes to hide in the shadows, and keep distance from the public, and he tries to attack his enemies with Japanese Voodoo, which he's really not good at.

Hikaru is one of the many who love Akane, and at first was satisfied with loving her from afar. But after he found out about Ranma's engagement to Akane, he's hated Ranma, and keeps trying to get Ranma out of the picture. He is the one who is sent by Kuno to find out Ranma's weakness.

Hikaru is kind of the weak, scrawny guy, and he knows it. He's basically a coward, and tends to latch onto the more powerful guys, like Kuno, to help his own needs. He has an obsession with Akane, and is always sneaking around trying to take new pictures of her.

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