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Happosai is the founder of the Anything Goes Martial Arts. Early on, he trained Soun and Genma. But the kind of training he gave Soun and Genma, was different. They had such duties as to clean his messes up, be his scape goat, and any other thing that could make their life a living hell. Finally one day, Happosai was drunk so they took him, trapped him in a box, and threw the box in a cave, and blocked the entrence up. They thought they were free of their master, until...

...many years later, when Happosai managed to free himself, and found the Tendo dojo. Because they feared their master, Genma and Soun groveled and begged for forgiveness. But Happosai was only looking to train the next heir to the Anything Goes Martial Arts, Ranma. He moved himself into the Tendo dojo, and has made many attemps to defeat Ranma in order to train him. He also is a nuisance in his panty-stealing and perverse behavior to the neighborhood, and females of the Tendo household.

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