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The Americanized Sailormoon

Sailormoon, a different twist to the cartoons in America. Though it's been on and off the air, a lot of people love Sailormoon. For those of you, who don't know how Sailormoon became to be Sailormoon, and how the Sailor Scouts came to be, here are the actions that happened before we're introduced in the first episode.


One thousand years ago, the universe was in a state of total peace. This period of time, called the Silver Millenium, was a happy and prosperous time for human kind. The universe was ruled by Queen Serenity, who lived on the Moon. The Moon Kingdom led all of the other planets during the Silver Millenium.

However, a threat to this long-lasting peace existed in the form of the Negaverse. The Negaverse was the direct opposite of the universe of the Moon Kingdom. It was a place of hatred, deceit, cruelty, torment, and evil. At the core of the Negaverse, an entity existed which was the main force in the Negaverse, called "The Negaforce". The Negaverse itself was ruled by an evil woman, Queen Beryl. With the help of the Negaforce, Beryl planned to conquer the universe, starting with the Moon.

During a lunar eclipse, Queen Beryl led her minions to the moon, and quickly began their attack. It ended almost as quickly as it had started. The warriors of the Moon Kingdom were no match for the overwhelming, relentless forces of the Negaverse. The Moon Kingdom tried to retaliate. Four young girls, the princesses of their respected planets, attempted to fight off the tremendous Negaforce, but their attempt proved to be futile. In the end, there were many casualties. Two of these deaths included an Earth Prince who fought bravely against the Negaverse warriors. The other was Queen Serenity's only daughter.

After the decisive battle, the Negaverse claimed victory. Queen Serenity knew that she could not let the Negaverse win. She resorted to one final act. Using the power of her Imperium Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity purged the universe of its invaders. Queen Beryl, the Negaforce, and the Negaverse's army were all sent back to the Negaverse. Also, she sent many of her people away, so that they may live in peace once again. Her daughter, along with her court of princesses, was sent one thousand years into the future, to the present-day earth. Queen Serenity gave her life, so that her people, and her universe could live in peace once more. She knew her daughter must live on, because she was destined to be the next Queen of the Universe.

Enter the main character, Serena. Serena is a fourteen year-old girl who lives in the city. She goes to junior high school, has a family and friends, hangs out at the arcade, listens to music, reads comic books, and does other things. She likes to eat, hates homework, and is very clumsy. She's just a normal teenage girl...or is she? That's what Serena thought, at least until the day came when her life would change forever.

On her way to school, Serena met a black cat. Much to her surprise, this cat talked! The cat was named Luna, and she was a messenger from the Moon. She was one of the survivors of the attack on the Moon Kingdom. Luna's mission, as she explained it, was to guide a group of warriors--the Sailor Scouts--and find the lost princess of the Moon. Serena had a difficult time accepting this, but after saying those magic words, "Moon Prism Power", she realized that this cat must be telling the truth. Serena discovered that she was the sailor scout of the Moon. Soon after, she and Luna began their mission: to find the other Sailor Scouts, and to find the Moon Princess.

Soon after, one by one, Serena and Luna locate each of the other Sailor Scouts. There is Amy, Sailor Mercury, Raye, Sailor Mars, Lita, Sailor Jupiter, and finally Mina, Sailor Venus. Mina, before becoming Sailor Venus, fought evil as Sailor V, and she has another cat messenger from the Moon named Artemis, who could also talk. Thus with the power of all five Sailor Scouts, nothing can stop them...or can the Negaverse find a monster of evil to defeat them?

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