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Real Name: Chibi-Usa (Small Lady)
Birthday: June 30
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Red and Pink
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Worst Subject: Languages
Has Trouble With: Taking Care of the House
Strong Point: Getting People to Give her Things
Dream: Becoming a Lady
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Seiyuu: Araki Kae

Chibi-Usa, the senshi that is most loved by little girls, and most hated by everyone else. Chibi-Usa's real name is Tsukino Usagi, and the name that everyone calls her by in Crystal Tokyo is 'Small Lady.' Chibi-Usa is Neo-Queen Serenity's and King Endymion's only daughter; in other words, she's Usagi's and Mamoru's future kid.

She first arrives in R by landing on top of Usagi and Mamoru while they are kissing. Then she takes out a fake gun on Usagi, who thinks it's real, and shoots it, though the 'bullet' is harmless... Chibi-usa had just left from the future after her mother was sealed in crystal after an attack by the Black Moon family. She feels that after the future ginzuishou disappears, it is her own fault. She had been told about the legend of Sailormoon in stories by Neo-Queen Serenity, but however, she didn't know that Serenity *was* Sailormoon in the past, or Usagi for that matter. Therefore, she acts incredibly rude and nosy, trying to find the ginzuishou to help her mother in the future.

Chibi-usa eventually discovers who the Sailor Senshi really are, and she eventually takes them back to the future with her. There the Senshi learn about their future, Sailorpluto, the Black Moon family, and the Silence. Anyway, when Sailormoon's ginzuishou fails to awaken Neo-Queen Serenity, Chibi-Usa runs off. Wiseman finds her and twists her memories and thoughts. She becomes Black Lady, a cool villain, who is intent on destroying the Sailor Senshi. Usagi, as Neo-Queen Serenity, revives her true memory, and Black Lady becomes Chibi-Usa again. She finds that she had the ginzuishou all along, and together with Usagi, they destroy Wiseman.

Chibi-usa returns in S as ChibiMoon, Sailor Senshi in training. Her attacks are pretty weak, and she's rather tiring to Usagi, who basically resents her annoying prescence to some degree. Chibi-usa quickly makes friends with Tomoe Hotaru, a girl who has no friends, as her mother in the future told her that it was very important that she do make friends with people. Chibi-usa is probably the main reason why Hotaru overcomes Mistress 9, in both the anime and the manga, after Mistress 9 swallows Chibi-Usa's heart crystal. This pink haired child is also fondly nicknamed 'Chibi-chan' by Haruka and Michiru; Setsuna still calls her 'Small Lady.'

SuperS is all about her... and the Inner Senshi. She helps Helios, the Pegasus, who she has a crush on in his human form. At the end of SuperS, he goes down on one knee and kisses her hand, much to the shock of the Inner Senshi.

In SailorStars, first arc, she is caught in a time paradox, as she is on the verge of disappearing since Mamoru was kidnapped. In the second arc, she isn't there except in a dream Usagi has.

She has three forms as ChibiMoon:
* Sailorchibimoon
* SuperSailorChibimoon
* SailorStarChibimoon [manga only]

She has the following items:
* Luna-P Ball
* Prism brooch
* Crystal Carillon
* Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope
* Crisis Compact