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Azusa Shiratori

Azusa got involved in Akane and Ranma's life after she stole P-Chan, Akane's little pet pig, from the ice rink, and decided to make him her own pet, by calling him Charlotte. Akane, thinking she had lost P-Chan, later found out about the theft, and tried to get P-Chan back from Azusa. Azusa refused, claiming P-Chan was her "Darling Charlotte". Although shortly after that, P-Chan was returned to Akane, and Azusa challenged Akane to a match of martial arts figure skating.

Azusa works very well with her partner, Mikado, and also has an obsession. She has an odd obsession for cute things. Whenever she happens to come across something that she finds cute, no matter who's it is, she'll name it, and take it.

Azusa is basically a whiney brat, who gets what she wants. She is made up to be "over-cute" in lots of ways, especially from her annoying langauge, to her big "cute" eyes. She throws a lot of tantrums and beats up Mikado if she doesn't get what she wants. Although she's basically spoiled and childish, she seems to be able to concentrate on her skating matches very seriously.

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