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Real Name: Mizuno Ami
Birthday: September 10
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Hobbies: Reading, and Playing Chess
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: Yellow-Tail Tuna
Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Worst Subject: None
Has Trouble With: Love Letters
Strong Point: Calculating
Dream: To be a Doctor
Favorite Gemstone: Saphire
Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya

Ami is a genius with an IQ of 300. She studies all the time, and in S she is rather obsessed with getting everyone to study for the entrance exams into high school. She always brings a book everywhere to study, even to concerts and stuff. She has problems with love letters, and in the manga and the SuperS movie special ["Ami-chan's First Love"] when she got one, she broke out into hives. She loves to study and is an over achiever.

She first transfers to Juuban Junior High School and joins a cramming computer class, which is really a plot of the Dark Kingdom. Unfortunately for her, the teacher takes a liking to her. In other words she's basically a victim of a crazed youma. Fortunately Usagi rescues her, and then Ami does some rescuing herself when Luna throws her henshin stick at her, and she becomes Sailormercury.

Her family's majorly rich. Ami lives with her mom in an expensive apartment complex since her parents are divorced. Her mom is a busy doctor, and her dad's a traveling painter.

Here are Sailormercury's three forms:
* Sailormercury
* SuperSailormercury
* SailorStarMercury [manga only]

Mercury is the Princess of Mercury in the manga only.

As Sailormercury, she has a couple of items:
* Mini supercomputer
* Visor thingy
* Communicator
* Communicator watch
* 3 Different Henshin Sticks
* Mercury Lyre
* Manga: cute little microphone thing that comes from her earrings.