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Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo is the youngest daughter of Soun Tendo, and the heir to the Anything-Goes school of Martial Arts, even though she had no real say in it.

Akane was very young when the Tendo family suffered a huge loss when Akane's mother died. Thus Akane was never really shown how to act like a woman, and didn't really learn the things that woman usually now how to do, most important of those, being how to cook. Akane grew up as a tomboy who got in fights, acted tough, and kept trying to perfect her martial arts to the best of her ability.

However, despite how she looked, and acted, Akane was a girl, with feelings. She had a crush on the family doctor, Dr. Tofu, who always fixed her up after all the fights she got in. Since he liked Kasumi, Akane attempted to take his attention off of her, and put it on herself, by growing her hair out longer then Kasumi's. Although she felt this way on the inside, on the outside she projected the image that she despised all men, and couldn't care less about their repeated attempts to try to go after her. This was shown more at her high school, where it was declared by the main guy who was after her, Tatewaki Kuno, that whoever defeated Akane in a battle would be allowed to date her. So everyday before school, Akane was attacked by a huge group of guys who wanted to beat her in battle and date her.

After a life, where every day was the same, it took a new turn. She was engaged unwillingly to her father's friend's son, Ranma Saotome in order for the Tendo dojo and the Anything-Goes Martial arts to be insured a future. Akane's sisters thought that this match was perfect, since Akane disliked boys, and Ranma was a boy who could change into a girl. Her sisters were the ones who volunteered her to be engaged to Ranma, after finding out his secret. Akane was furious at having been engaged to Ranma, who she claimed was a pervert and a jerk.

Ranma though, seemed to help her out a bit. For example, Ranma was able to make all the guys stop attacking Akane after he defeated Kuno in a fight. Even though Akane seemed mad, she was secretly grateful. But when a long-lost arch-rival, Ryoga Hibiki sought out Ranma, and they fought, it cost Akane her long hair, that she had worked so hard on to grow out for Dr. Tofu.

Although Akane was furious for the lost of her hair, she decided to cut it short again, and she got over her feelings for Dr. Tofu. Even if it appears that she and Ranma hate each other, she has feelings developing for him. It's the forever hope of the rest of the members of the Tendo and Saotome families, that she and Ranma will fall in love and carry on. But for now, Akane is content to hide her feelings, and hit Ranma everytime he insults her, or does anything to annoy her.

Akane is a very strong-minded, violent girl. She becomes angry and jealous, and normally hits Ranma whenever she feels this way. Although she seems to be a major tomboy, she does have her feminine side to her. Since she was raised without a mother figure, she's had a hard time trying to sort out her feelings for Ranma. There is many times where Akane is on the verge of telling Ranma how she really feels, but it is almost always interupted by something. The rest of the time, she'll deny that she has any feelings for Ranma.

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