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Real Name: Kaiou Michiru
Birthday: March 6
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Hobbies: Collecting Cosmetics
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Least Favorite Food: Kikurage
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: None
Has Trouble With: Sea Cucumbers
Strong Point: Playing Violins
Dream: To be a Violinist
Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine
Seiyuu: Katsuki Masako

Michiru is beautiful, rich, elegant, and obviously from a well off family, as her name suggests. Her personality is one of a lady, or a "princess," as Usagi said in one S episode. She is very nice to the other senshi as Michiru, admired and at times envied by the younger girls, though as Sailorneptune she tends to be harsher and colder. Michiru is an artistic, and intelligent. She is a wonderful violinist and a painter, as well as good in school. Michiru's admiration from the others comes from the fact that she and her partner, Tenoh Haruka, are pretty much perfect, and attractive. While Michiru is more subdued then her partner [the calmness to the storm], she is definitely not weaker nor should she be given any less credit for her opinons and actions; oftentimes people consider her to only echo Haruka, which, though they often agree on things, is considerably untrue. For example, Michiru's role in 106 towards Haruka was hardly submissive. In episode 109 Michiru is the one who makes the decision to transform in front of Eudial and Usagi; in episode 110 it is Neptune who risks her life to save Uranus's; and in the second to last episode of SMS, it's Michiru who transforms first into Sailorneptune and pushes Usagi into fighting with them.

She and Haruka are obviously much more than friends, though they deny it. While they don't come out and say that they're lovers, it's pretty obvious with what is considered their 'classic' exchanges during the anime. They are extremely dedicated to each other, though perhaps Michiru loves Haruka more than the other way around. It's amusing the number of times that Sailorneptune has to save Sailoruranus, when to some degree you might expect the other to happen. However, Sailorneptune puts her life and the lives of others on the line in an attempt to protect her friend.

Michiru's interests include playing the violin, painting, and swimming, each of which she is extremely talented in. She [occassionally with Haruka on the piano] performs on a number of occassions, ranging from on a cruise ship, to an Englishman's party, to a duet with the Three Lights, to a world tour [in the manga]. Her dreams for the future are conflicting, as she is good at a number of different things, but since she doesn't paint in the manga, it's pretty much established that she wants to be a violinist.

In Sailormoon S, where she is first introduced, Michiru is 16 and goes to Mugen Gakuen. In SailorStars, the manga, Michiru goes to Juuban High School with the five Inner Senshi and Haruka.

In S, she and Haruka appear as the two new mysterious Sailor Senshi. Their mission is to find the three Talismans, which are locked in pure heart crystals, in order to prevent the Silence from coming. As Haruka and Michiru, they make friends with Usagi-tachi, though they are hostile to the Inner Senshi as Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune. They find the Inner Senshi to be interfering and weak, as they will not willingly let the holders of the Talismans be sacrificed for the safety of the world.

Haruka and Michiru unknowingly have two of the Talismans inside of them, the Space Sword and the Deep Aqua Mirror, respectively. Only when they are confronted by Eudial, one of the Witches 5, do they discover that out. Sailorneptune attempts to save Sailoruranus from Eudial's attack in one of the saddest scenes in all of Sailormoon. Sailorneptune, who had been captured by Eudial and tied up, breaks free of her bonds and runs forward towards Sailoruranus, who has Eudial holding a gun to her chest, in order to save her. The booby trap that releases arrows at anyone who goes past it shoots Sailorneptune, who becomes seriously injured, but she continues forward and is shot yet again, then keeps going onward. As she stumbles towards Eudial, Eudial accidentally shoots her, and her Talisman is released. After Usagi comes and saves Sailoruranus, Sailoruranus shoots herself, and her Talisman freed from her body. This is often refered to as the Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune death scene in S, though this is untrue, their hearts are still beating. Fortunately, Sailorpluto saves them with the help of her Talisman, the Garnet Orb.

In SuperS, Haruka and Michiru appear only twice. Once is in the SuperS TV special, where Michiru once again saves a sick Haruka. A classic line of her devotion to her love: "A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving." The second time is their unexplained, sudden appearance in the SuperS movie, along with Sailorpluto, where they save the Inner Senshi from the enemies and give power to Sailormoon, who saves Chibimoon. Another classic exchange takes place between the two senshi, as Sailorneptune says that it gets better when you become an adult, and Sailoruranus blushes and coughs into her hand.

In SailorStars, Michiru plays mother as she, Haruka, and Setsuna all raise baby Hotaru together. Apparently, they don't go to school or feel no need to. Haruka and Michiru get the most airtime out of all the Outer Senshi in SailorStars [though in the other seasons as well], though they are basically only secondary characters when compared to the Inner Senshi and the Starlights. Mostly the three Outers interact with the Inners to some degree, taking a hostile offense towards the Three Lights/Starlights.

Towards the end of SailorStars, Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus willingly give themselves over to Galaxia for a variety of reasons. First of all, they want to try to trick Galaxia by pretending to be evil, and though they do, it doesn't work when they attack her. Secondly, they obviously want to be together. [Sailoruranus: "I'd give up my soul to be with you."]

They give up their star seeds to accept Galaxia's arm bracelets. Though in episode 198 they turn on Galaxia in order to take *her* star seed, they fail, since Galaxia doesn't have one. Galaxia destroys their arm bracelets, and they die. Their death scene together is extremely touching, as they reach over to touch each other's hands, something that demonstrates the depth of their feelings for each other.

Later they come back to life after Sailormoon releases Chaos from Galaxia's body. In their last scene together, the Outers are watching the sky sitting against Haruka's car. As the Starlights and Kakyuu fly by, as shooting stars, Hotaru and Setsuna make wishes. Setsuna asks Hotaru what she wished for, Hotaru answers, "It's a secret," and when Hotaru asks *her* the question, Setsuna responds with the same answer. Hotaru then asks Haruka and Michiru what they wished for. Michiru says they didn't wish for anything and that they were happy already, and Haruka agrees as Michiru leans her head against her shoulder.

Sailorneptune has three forms:

* Sailorneptune
* Supersailorneptune
* SailorStarNeptune [manga only]

Neptune is also the Princess of Neptune [manga only].

She has the following items:

* Henshin stick
* Communicator watch
* Deep Aqua Mirror, the Talisman that always reveals the true image