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Tubby's Best Bets

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tubby starter kits- Kit one- Riviera RIV-10, Sundowner SUN-10, Eldorado ELD-12, Harolds Club HCR-18, Comstock COM-01, Riverside RVR-05. Price $8.00 plus S&H - WHOOOOOOA TUBBY HAVE YOU GONE NUTS. Well yes I have, in fact look at the second starter kit- Kit two- 5 drink glasses for $8.00 plus S&H- You get Harolds Club, Harvey's, Harrah's, Holiday Casino Reno, Primadonna. The ole Tubster is really wacking out now, Tubby will give you both starter kits for $13.00 plus S&H. Listen kids you better jump on this quick before the Doctors find a cure for Tubby's brain fade. BRAIN FADE, heck Mrs. Tubby hasn't noticed any change she thought Tubby has always been crazy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tubby would like you to take a look at the Nevada Club Web Page, (link below) and thank the host for doing such a great job of saving a teeny tiny little chunk of this once great casino. As any gambler will tell you, Reno is fast becoming a gambling ghost town, all the clubs with "REAL" personality are giving way to just a few huge clubs with "MANUFACTURED" personality. Please take a few minutes to visit the old Nevada Club and thank the host for your electronic vacation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Tubby "Where have you been, we email and email and you don't answer. Well kids Tubby's computer got sick I lost a ton of information including my address book for Emails. I didn't want to spread the sickness to your computer so Tubby just shut down for awhile. If we were in the middle of something get hold of the old fat man, the Doctor says my computer is safe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TUBBY HAS MUGS: All mugs are two bucks. Circus Circus, Sands, Fitzgerald's, Harolds Club, Harrah's, MGM Grand, Flamingo Hilton, Pioneer Hotel Laughlin, plus lots of Reno, Las Vegas generic mugs. Too many for Tubby to list; email if you are looking for a special mug. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DRINK GLASSES GALORE: Harolds, Harrah's, Harvey's, Holiday, Sands, Pioneer, Peppermill Reno, Circus Circus, Overland, El Dorado, Nugget, Prima Donna, Silver Legacy, Golden Gate, Sahara, Nevada Lodge, and on and on and on. Email the old Tubster if you are looking for that special glass. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TUBBYNEVADATUBBYNEVADATUBBYNEVADATUBBYNEVADATUBBY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To order: Email the Tubster just to make sure the item is still available, I will give a look, email you payment and mailing instructions, and ship. OH TUBBY, YOU MAKE THINGS SO SIMPLE. That's because Tubby is simple. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well soooooooolong for now, feel free to drop Tubby a line with a gambling story or a lie ( some gambling stories are lies) or anything else swell for the old Tubster. Thanks for the visit. Tubby Nevada

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