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Y'all are crazy!!

Just Kidding. Either you have no life, or you were just screwing around and found my web page. Ah, it's time to relax. and you know what that means. a glass of wine, your favorite easy chair, and yes this web page up on you home computer. So go on, indulge yourself. After all, computers piss off even the kind person.

If you are here you must be a friend. If not, who the heck are you? And who sent you here? I got it, i'm on your trail, so watch your @$$! Wow. I just scared myself. Incredible.

Anyway, oh, well, I see no point in describing where I live, because it's hard enough to get to my webpage, and I don't know the address, never mind someone halfway around the world. If you just so happen to be anywhere than from the U.S., then E-mail me. If you live in the U.S. E-mail me anyway.

This web page sucks. It has no point other than to take up space on some computer in a far away land. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your stay, I think it was fun and educational! Yeah, right.

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You are theperson with no life.


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