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Marge Simpson is the mother of two unwieldy children and one baby. She is a model mother. She has achieved what no other mother in the world has achieved from bringing together the family to trying to stop Television Violence.

What parent, I ask you, is a more perfect mom than Marge Simpson is? The only reason that the Simpson family is so disfunctional is due to the fact that Homer is stupid and Bart is mischevious.

Is this a bad portrayal of men? In The Simpsons, the men are prtrayed as drunken, fat slobs who are stupid and don't know how to do anything. The women, however, are portrayed as sensible, intelectual, musically oriented, and fun-loving people.

If you are familiar with The Simpsons' characters, you can see what I mean:

1. Montgomery Burns, a rich, VERY self-centered weakling who owns and runs a Nuclear Power Plant.

2. Mayor Joe Quimby, the Mayor of Springfield, a perverted man who is involved with several affairs at any one time.

3. Barney Gumble is a man who is always drunk and ALWAYS belching.

Is this the way America's men should be portrayed?


Age: 34

Shoe size: 13AA

Height w/ hair: 8' 6"

Job: Housewife

Little Known Fact: Marge almost had an affair with her Bowling teacher and was thinking about leaving Homer