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"Maggie.... Innocent Baby or Criminal Mastermind?" Ever since the "Death" (more like bruise) of Mr. Burns, Maggie has been treated as a major character of the Simpsons. Is it not amazing that she seems to get the same amount of laughs as the other characters from the audience, but she does it without uttering a word!

Another question: "Will Maggie ever grow up?" Will the children of the Simpsons stay the same age throughout all of their golden years? Many greats have accomplished this feat: Archie and his gang, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Smurfs, and even Beavis and Butthead... But to achieve total immortality in their golden age of "existence" the Simpsons must first pass the barrier of total popularity and "infamy". Not until Grandma and Grandpa watch the Simpsons, will the simpsons achieve total immortality, as Maggie had achieved at the beginning of the series.

To help out a worthy cause, Tell your grandparents, parents, friends, heck, run an ad in the local newspaper if you have to, but please... Spread the word of the Simpsons, as they are only about #70 on the TV show list. With your help, we can help the simpsons to live on....