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Homer J. Simpson, one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world, is also the most emotional of the Simpson family. Sure, Marge is the one to always talk everyone into having "family chats" and "emotional" stuff like that. But who is the one to always display his hatred, or loving, or even if he gets a kick out of the situation with his "Woo-hoo"s and "Doh"s and "mmmmmm...."s.

It is, of course, Homer, who always tells the viewers and for that matter the other "people" that are with him in the show at the moment, his wonderful emotions. "mmmmm.... Steak" is a common line expressing his inner thoughts of _wanting_ steak.

And who is the only member of the Simpson cast to talk to his brain, displaying sensitivity and passion towards the outside world.


Age: 36

Born: 5/10/55 (Don't even ask!)

Social Security: 568-47-0008

Birth Place: North Carolina

Job: Safety Inspector at The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

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