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He's come a long way, hasn't he? But he's still the little hell raiser he always has been. Well, Doesn't Bart's name explain his character enough? I mean if you have a name like Bart, of course you'll act the way he does. What I mean by "the way he does" is being mischevious, annoying, and even mean at times. Had Homer and Marge decided to name him "John" or "Bob" or a common name of that sort, would he be as he is now?

I guess that We'll never know what he'd be like.... Would he be taller? Fatter? Stupider? Smarter? Or, would it have no impact? What do you think?


Age: 10

Job: Student in the 4th grade at Springfield Elementary School

Little known fact: Bart can mix alcoholic drinks

Bart Images