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Our Familiar

I have always had a cat by my side. My husband on the other hand never has had a familiar before. So a very large dog is an experiance for him, especially sence he is 1700 miles away in the Navy.

My aunt bought me a Old English Mastiff puppy. I had been a breeder and shower of this type for years and had lost my dogs due to my ex. My husband had already said no to any more pets so we expected a blow up when he came home. Instead he picked up the puppy put her in his lap and wala she was his.

Jake has been gone for 3 months and she still sits on the front porch when ever the car drives up waiting for him to get out. She loves to listen to him on the phone. She goes so far as to take the phone away from you.

Mastiffs are a very sensitive breed. They were bred as protectors and war dogs. The Romans used then in the pits agenst lions bears and christians. The Kelts ran naked with them agenst their enemeys and the Kahns turned them loose on villages before they over ran them. The british mixed them with bull dogs to get a easyer to manage dog.

Our girl is as lade back as you can get showing no signs of her past. her favorite place is the couch and play toy is a headless, stuffingless teddy bear. We use her to find special spots in houses and graveyards. She is very good at finding cold spots and negative energy.

Being seperated is hard on both Jake an Samhane but they are dealing with it.