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Psychic Pets.

Psychic Pets Are;

AGH!!!! The mice are revolting!!! I love it when that happens! :^)

Here we are interested in your stories of psychic animals. Please send us your photos along with your stories.

Our psy pet is a black cat called Tiny.

He can open the front door and uses his tail as a sensing device. He also shows up in the house when you know that he is purposly locked outside. We are a house of pagans and we lock him outside during ritual. He likes to help by playing with the candels or stretching out on the alter. He always gets in no matter what we do. We wouldn't mind if he would just close the door when he came in.

He is an Aries with all that goes with it. Makes life interesting in a male Cancer dominate house.

He has a problem with pizza. He is addicted to the stuff. Here he beat everyone else to the table.

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Pam's cat

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