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The three ladies you see starting from the left are Holly, Jill, and Debbie. If you notice there is a small dark shape next to Debbie's left foot. It first looks like it might be Debbie's foot, but if she would have stood in that odd of a position one of the ladies would have remembered. It was then thought to be a rock or indentation in the road it self. The next day we returned to that spot in the cementery to examine the road. We found nothing that would even come close to that size or discription of the small dark object. This led to the conclusion that the small object may be a paranormal anomaly. In previeous nights Debbie, Jake, Holly, Joe, and J.D. have had reporting of what seemed to be a small dog running around the cementery, we at Paradox believe this picture to be recorded evidence of this one anomaly. Though we may be wrong we could not find any evidence to prove our theory wrong.

Picture by Mike Hollinbeck Article by Zack Barrett