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Pam's cat

I have a story about "guardian" cat I have. Actually, it is more like my daughter's.

Around the time she was born, there had been alot of negative energy around my apartment. When I brought her home, I asked my guardians for someone to watch over my daughter at all times. At that moment, my cat climbed in the crib with my daughter. Most people worry about cats being so close to babies, but Spaz stayed at the opposite end of the crib every time she was in there. If the cat was there first, and I put my daughter in, Spaz would move to the other end. If my daughter woke up at night, Spaz would come wake me up before the baby started making any noise. To this day, after I go to bed, Spaz will climb into bed with my daughter. It's like she know's it is her time to watch over my daughter.