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Sometimes we can run out of time,

For all the things we want to say and do.

Therefore, I am taking this time right now,

To tell you that, I do love and care for you.

Perhaps I haven't said those words before,

And so maybe you have never really known.

But I hope that through our close friendship,

In other ways, my love has been shown.

I want you to know you're important to me,

And I am so glad you are a friend of mine.

I need to tell you, so you know how I feel,

Instead of waiting, and not having the time.

You have brought me a lot of happiness,

And given to my heart so many smiles.

I treasure the friendship we have found,

Crossing the bridge, of the distant miles.

I want to thank you for wonderful friendship,

And taking me into your heart, and caring.

You have touched my life in a special way;

A true blessing, is the friendship we're sharing.

author-Pamala Hall

May all your dreams come true

Oh darling-midi

For My darling friend


copyright by limeylady 1999