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Opening Flowers


I am the Light.

Turn to me when you are down.
For I will help you up.

Don't let the world seem too harsh-
Because my Light will shine on you.
Let it take the ache away.

Now drive the sleep
and cobwebs from your heart-
for you too are the Light.

It does not only shine from above,
below, but-
From within, without.

From me to you,
Heart to heart.
Let us now fix the age old hurts.
And welcome the new age just begun.

If you need healing or know someone who does please feel free to add them to the HEALING list...
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You may receive FREE healing at the Distance Healing Network.

What is Healing?

Healing takes place on many levels. Although we may only be conscious of one or two of these it occurs on each plane of being.

We are not just mechanical bodies but complex beings made up of emotional, mental and spiritual components. Each of these may be in a state of imbalance and thus create a physical dis-ease.

There are many healing modalities which you may choose to help you. Please do not dismiss a healing technique because it is different to what you have encountered. Investigate them and if it is given in a loving, caring and non-threatening manner it is worthy of your consideration.

However,do remember,you are never forced to make a decision on your wellbeing without adequate information. If you feel uneasy with the situation it is your right to choose not to have the treatment.

Louise Hay turned her life around. Please do look at her book "Heal Your Body". It has many ideas on why we become ill and how we can trace that illness back to an emotional core. For those of you who have read my page on Vibrational Remedies you will understand that we CAN do something for ourselves if we understand what lies at the core of our unwellness.

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Personal Responsibility

The reason for this becomes clear if you understand that ALL healing, whether it be accupuncture, aromatherapy, flower essences or calling on the Grace of God, deals with triggering a healing response in YOUR body, mind and soul.

Do not give that power you have away. The healer is YOU!

We as healers take an ethical responsibility to provide the highest quality channel of healing.

Remember there are many ways to heal other than a hands on approach. You may find a little bit of this and a little of that works for you...and it is after all YOU that asks for and receives healing in whatever way you feel happy.

Here are some ideas you may find helpful:
We forget that this is a strong and powerful release of tension. Rent a funny video or read a book of jokes.
Release built up tension around eyes, forehead and jaw.

Simple Meditation-

This can be just relaxing and imagining your favourite scene...something quiet and still. It doesn't have to be rigid or take hours..certainly slows a few things down.Don't try too hard..


( a few to try)-
Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
My body, heart and soul are healing within and without.
All I need now comes to me in LOVE,LIGHT and HARMONY.
In LOVE and LIGHT my life is full of abundance.

Try making up some for yourself. They need to be short and contain only positive thoughts. Say them over and over and meditate on what they really mean to YOU.

Brighten your home-

With flowers- fresh flowers always lift the spirits.
Get rid of the clutter-have a Spring clean. A cluttered home, a cluttered life...
Buy an oil burner-
Investigate the healing powers of essential oils

Open the windows and doors..let the Sun shine through
Breathe FRESH air as often as you can
Fill your lungs with air, freshens the mind too.
Drink plenty of good clean water
This flushes the body of toxins and is not fattening!

Ok,these things are so simple but they all make a difference..Try it and see!

Just one more piece of information. There are reasons to believe that true healing needs to get to the core of the problem and not just be a bandaid. To do this it may need the peeling back of layers-like an onion skin to get to the bottom of a problem.

Things may seem to get worse before they get better but do have FAITH!It is a good sign things are on the move!

Here is an explanation that may help:

Hering's Law of Cure

All 'cure' starts from within, out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms appeared.

As Vibrational remedies help deal with emotional issues that cause distress within the body there may be at times a peeling away of the layers that have been built up over the years in our emotional and spiritual areas. Some like to refer to this as the Healing Crisis. It is often sharp, intense and very quickly overcome.

This is not, however, a side effect like a drug but old wounds being healed. These old traumas may be likened to the layers of an onion skin, sitting there building, blocking the true experience of life. The order the layers are dealt with and the intensity of the reaction differs from individual to individual.

This means that healing is moving in the right direction and you are never given anything you are not ready for.

  • The Body heals within outwards e.g. asthma improves so eczema comes out
  • Dis-ease symptoms improve head down - Physical e.g. eczema improves at head first then moves down to feet. Mentally - feel better
  • From major organs to lesser. So skin becomes the saviour of the internal organs. It takes on the reaction rather than perhaps the lungs which may become damaged if too much stress is put on them.
  • Retrace dis-ease back to starting point. Symptoms disappear or reappear to their first appearance. [e.g. asthma after childhood eczema] Sometimes one must go back to a childhood experience or trauma.

Even though it may seem strange that a bottle of energy can bring such trauma as happened in childhood into the here and now, it is always relevant to the individual's experience at the time.

Do not be worried by this process as it is only an indication that the person is psychologically and physically ready for it to happen.

You are never forced in healing - it is always your choice. If anger becomes part of a layer which is released, note it is just another emotion. The idea is to let it go and not channel it in the direction of a person or event. It is your reaction and no one else's. Own it and then without fuss let it go.

Continually seek help in whatever form you feel happy with, for there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance- it shows a wise decision.

This is only in way of explanation that such things occur, you may never experience the intense feelings of a healing 'crisis'. Do know that it is your right to have your own actions and reactions to any encounter with healing.

Books I have found of interest-
Heal Your Body- Louise Hay
Bodymind- Ken Dychtwald
Vibrational Medicine- Richard Gerber

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