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This is the first installment of The Night World series by L.J. Smith. We get a taste of the adventures to come. We even get a scientific explanation of how and why vampires work. Good Stuff so far! Our two main characters are Poppy and James. Poppy is a human with flaming red hair. Her best friend, James, is a vampire that looks like James Dean. Poppy doesn’t know that James, the boy she vows to marry, is a vampire (surprise, surprise). James doesn’t know that Poppy has pancreatic cancer and is about to die. (Either does Poppy…or anybody for that matter!) Poppy loves James…James can’t love Poppy…she’s human, it’s forbidden (remember the ‘rules’?) But of course, love does find a way, and our tale ensues.

James saves Poppy from dying (wonder how), but the whole process is completely illegal according to the ‘rules’. So, they basically get on the Night World’s most wanted list and have to skip out of town. This is where Ash comes in. Yes, Ash does make an appearance in Secret Vampire, he’s James’ cousin. But, he’s kind of bad in this book. Actually, he’s very bad in this book. So anyway, they end up at this big old party. What happens…well, you must read…PSYCH…I WARNED you about spoilers. James and Poppy end up happy and in love at the end of course! But, if you haven’t read it and I just spoiled it for you…read it anyway…you’ll love it!

Favorite Scenes

My first favorite scene for Secret Vampire is when James looks up Pancreatic cancer on the ‘net and he gets blurry vision (that’s man talk for cries). He then decides to break every rule and make Poppy a vamp. He also knows he loves her so much…but it can’t even bring himself to say it it’s so forbidden. (24-28)

Okay, next favorite scene was their first blood exchange. As with most vampire novels, blood exchange is symbolic for sex. Does L.J. realize this? I wonder. Anyway…it’s romantic. (46-64).

Of course, I just HAD to have this scene as one of my favorite scenes…can you guess what it is? I mean…if you’ve been reading my stuff…you should know my big and only beef with L.J. Here, in this scene…she allows a bit of natural and healthy humanity. It’s the scene when Poppy sleeps in James’ bed with him. I know nothing happens…but it just shows you that it’s okay to break the ‘rules’ sometimes. Little rules. (No, I DON’T think sex before marriage is okay!) (171-177)

My last final scene actually chokes me up. It’s when Poppy says goodbye to her mother. I cried…yes I did.(227)

Favorite Quotes

“I’m a…sex pixie!”-Poppy (3). I just had to point out the only time L.J. has ever used the dreaded “s” word in any of her books. If she’s used it any other time…please let me know.

“You ba$&#rd”-Poppy. I just had to have this as a favorite quote because it’s such a rarity that we get L.J. cursing. It must be something bad. Poppy’s very un-lady-like. (49)

“Look, Buddy. I don’t know who you are or what horse you rode in on. But that’s my sister there you’re messing with, and I figure I’ve got the first right to knock you’re head off.”-Phil. (217) Phil’s great. We should have seen more of him. Maybe he could be Iliana’s soulmate…or Kestrel’s.

Reoccurring Characters

For each book of the Night World I’ll give you just a list of all the reoccurring characters. In Secret Vampire We of course meet Ash, who shows up in 3 more books. We also get to meet Blaise and Thea Harman who are the stars of Spellbound. Finally we get a brief glimpse of Thierry Descoudres and Timmy Whoever (Rashel’s friend…ya know who I mean.). A lot of flash forwarding on L.J.’s part!

Final Notes

I liked this Night World a lot. It’s definitely one of my favorites. My only qualm about it, we don’t get a lot of characterization. I was left wanting so much more…especially more of Phil. I mean, he’s a Night Worlder for crying out loud! Poppy and James’ are so romantic…and They are truly in love. They didn’t just meet each other and fall in mad soulmate love over-night. They have a 12 year relationship to back it up. Much like Morgead and Jez of Huntress who we meet much later. You know what though, I think that Ash is Ms. Smith’s favorite. She really likes his character. She’s fulfilling her need for Damon to fall in love through Ash. Do you understand what I’m saying? E-mail me on this one.

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