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I just wanted a friend....

a crappy review by Kupop Toshiya

The Lone One is a short horror story by an manga assistant in Japan. It is first published on Hanamaru Magazine (cyber-version) @

Mainly this story is aimed for girls (a bishounen manga), but it is still worthwhile to read it, I think, if you are a guy. The story begins with two junior high girls talking about a rumour about a girl looking for her friend...

And that leads to a scene where a couple had just moved into their new apartment. The guy is called Kiyoharu and the girl's called Miki. Their apartment costs 50,000 yens (is that cheap?) and Miki is suspicious about why the apartment is so cheap. Maybe someone was killed there. Then, they discovered a strange wall inside a "paper-door closet" (you know those ones in Japan where there's a paper door. as you open it, you can see a closet inside) Miki went outside to get some drinks at a local convenience store to calm themslves while Kiyoharu stayed behind.

I dun wanna spill the rest of the beans. *hehe* Go to Hanamaru Weekly's site to see for yourself! But nice me provide you with some chracter profile. (how did I ever create one from such a short story??)

profile for the complete cast

*atsu the assist*
stuff on the author

Hanamaru Weekly!

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