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WKC 2001 Whitewater Kayaking Class


Ok, guys, now I did my best to take pictures of us in action, but that would have required me to be comfortable enough in my boat to let go of my paddle in the middle of rapids!  As a result, many of the "action" pics I have consist of us digesting large amounts of food.  Which was certainly no small part of the enjoyment factor!  Also, if your picture isn't on here, don't take it personally!  I just snapped pics when I could, with my cheapo camera.  Hope you enjoy these.

Anne in her Pyrhana

Jeff Timlich and Craig Booker playing on the Headworks

Jeff & Craig, 2nd picture

Group photo 1: Food!

Group photo 2: More food!

Merrill, Heidi, Joyce, Kathryn at Big Eddy

Stephanie, Merrill, Joyce, Kathryn at same spot

Our Class Group Photo

Kathryn after Headworks

Fig, dining

Joyce, Greg, Teresa, and Syne

Fig, Bert, Kelly, Ian, Anne, and Rick

What an awesome group!!!