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Chapel Hill DJ Audio System
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I am proud to present the CHDJ Audio System:

Let me begin with my sound system. I may be a little biased sometimes, but I truly believe that this system is far superior to any of my competitor's at this time. A QSC RMX-1850HD amplifier powers both of my top-of-the-line Cerwin Vega PSX-253 dual 15-inch speakers.

For those not familiar with live sound, the QSC RMX-1850HD is an extremely reliable, excellent quality power amplifier which delivers enough power to my speakers to make them literally glide on the floor if not properly fastened down. The power equates to 600 watts of clean, pure and colorful sound to each of my speakers.

The Cerwin Vega ProStax Series is an elite line of professional club, mobile and touring speakers. Their 3-way design provides clean, colorful high and midrange sound. This is because it has an enormous 2-inch compression driver to project high range sound, and a six-inch cast-frame mid range driver which adds color and life to the mids and highs. All of this is going on while the two fifteen-inch woofers handle only very small amounts of mid range and unload tons of bass. Cerwin Vega speakers are known world wide for their insane bass response. These ProStax are no exception. Two 15-inch woofers collaborate to essentially form a single 30-inch subwoofer! This doesn't mean the bass has to be at a high lever all the time, but they have the ability to fill a high school gym with stomach punching bass.

CD Player:
My CD player is a Gemini CD-240 dual CD player. A dual CD player allows me to play two CD's at the same time. It is very reliable and it has many features which help make every song sound spectacular. I bring backup CD players just in case this one might fail. I can have up to eight CD's playing at the same time, if necessary.

My mixer is the heart and soul of my DJ setup. It is a Gemini PDM-18 4 channel, 8 input mixer. This gives me the capability to mix multiple songs together to make a smooth and seamless fade from song to song. I have cables to hook up any CD player or MP3 player you would like me to use.

Do you have any questions or comments?
If so, please feel free to contact me at any time.