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A little background...

My name is Josh and I have been DJing since I was in seventh grade. I am now 18 years old and I have been a mobile DJ ever since. I never thought I would turn my love for music and having a good time into a business of my own, but I have and I love it. Since beginning, I have managed to upgrade my equipment from a starter-system into a high-tech, top of the line system that some professional DJs do not always have the opportunity of owning. My two original goals of my business still stand today: 1) Serve the people in the Triangle area with the highest quality DJ service possible, and 2) Serve them at the lowest cost in town. Both of these goals have been met, and I still believe in both of them. That is why when you want an excellent, professional, low-cost, music-loving DJ, you want to go with Chapel Hill DJ.

At every event I promise to provide an exciting performance that you and your guests will enjoy. I have an extensive music selection consisting of over 300 CDs, plus all the new releases from Promo Only, the source of new music to radio stations and mobile DJ's across the country. I have a lot of experience, I know what the crowd wants to hear, and will gladly take requests.

Not only do you get a great DJ for an affordable cost, but my fee includes a large array of professional lighting effects (six fixtures), as well as a commercial fogger for outdoor events if requested. All of this for one low price! That is why you should choose Chapel Hill DJ!


Please feel free to contact me at any time.