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A common assumption made by customers is that since I am only 15 years old, I have "cheap" equipment. That is anything but the truth. I have high quality QSC, Gemini, and Gemsound components to make one loud professional DJ setup.

My stereo system is a high quality, super-loud, QSC powered system. There are four speakers in all: (2) Full Range Gemsound 15" speakers (2) Gemini 15" Subwoofers. They are powered by the nationally praised QSC RMX-1850HD power amp. The "HD" stands for Heavy Duty and it really means what it says. It pumps out 600 watts to each set of two speakers. (One full range, and one subwoofer). The result is music to the next extreme, and it's just the begining of what makes the party awesome!

The lighting system is what makes the party go 'round. I own seven high quality effects that add the feel of a night club to any indoor or late night event. My system consists of a lighting tree holding (4) Chauvet Tetra consoles. These effects create a cool, almost a laser sky effect. On one of my speaker columns, I place an American DJ Roto-Balls effect. This popular effect adds a spinning and twirling kind of action into the party. I have a high power strobe, as well as a 10,000watt fog machine that can fill gymnasiums in under 5 minutes. My fog fluid is accented with a nice strawberry scent that won't stain or make your clothes smell.

All of this combined creates awesome array of colors, lights, and with the music pumping, a real dance club sensation.