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Ms. Zalcain

Fuck You! I hate your fuckin ass... i heard about your "trouble" with a dry-erase marker. Hey, do yall want me to tell u.. Huh huh huh??
It all started when she was infected with the STD gonorrhea. She was caughin and achin, and she always coughed with a marker in her hand. Well, she caughed, and then all of the sudden(like it wouldn't have happened anywayz) she got some ink on her face! Being the BIGGEST FUCKIN' IDIOT IN THE FUCKIN WORLD, she puts the liquid erase fluid on her face to get it off! Well, this wasnt the pretties thing in the world, becuase it got in her eyes! HAHAHHAHA! She was screamin and shoutin and was about to cry! Well, that wouldn't be the first time she woulda cried during class....

Near the beginning of the year, when she was dating the ugly FAGGOT that she is now, she would alwayz talk on her cell phone(that is, after she got students to help her turn the fuckin thing on!) with her BF. They would talk and talk, and giggle... A 6th grade friend of mine said they would always talk about sex... and u know 6th graders, they only hear sex when they HEAR it(not when they want to hear it)! Well, one day, she got mad and said " You guys don;t seem to be learning, and im standing up here teachin ya'll.." Like anybody smart, the whole room starts cuttin her off, and then morgan and I made some comments about her talkin about her BF on the phone during class and how she really wasn't teachin us at all! That didn't get her cryin though. All of the sudden, out of the blue, she pulls a Jerry Springer on us... " But see, im in love with this guy....and...and...well, i really like him, and i like talkin to him" Then, somebody says somethin like " I think that dudes a F&*($# loser!" And that bitch freaks!!! She ran her flat ass to the door and slammed it shut. "I really dont appreciate it when...when....when.....WHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! She bursts out cryin, while the rest of us burst out laughin! It was all good, until Ms. Rhodes came in and we were never so quiet in my life! Well, thats a great story isnt it?? Right?

I Love LIZ