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  1. Procure one Barbie
  2. Procure one pack of same-sized rubber bands
  3. Take one rubber band and wrap snugly around Barbie's ankles so it won't come loose
  4. Tape a tape-measurer to the wall with zero being at the top
  5. Add one rubber band to the rubber band attached to Barbie's ankles
  6. Hold tip of farthest rubber band at zero
  7. Drop Barbie
  8. Record how far the top of Barbie's head goes from zero after being dropped
  9. Add another rubber band to the line of rubberbands making sure they are all tied the same
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 until Barbie hits the floor, or goes past the end of your measuring tape
  11. After completing 1-10, collect all data
  12. Plug into graphing calculator as ordered pairs; x= # of rubberbands y= inches past zero
  13. Create a median-median line out of data
  14. Measure the height to the floor from the designated dropping location
  15. Plug in distance of the drop into formula
  16. Find the number of rubber bands needed to come as close to the ground as possible
  17. Attach all necessary rubberbands
  18. Tape a tape measurer to the side of the drop zone, with zero at the ground
  19. Drop Barbie off drop location
  20. Teammates look and see how far from the ground the Barbies head came from hitting the ground while looking at the tape measurer for accurate numbers.