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Common Misconceptions

CHDJ Common Misconceptions
A page to clear up any questions you have...

;) You couldn't possibly bring your own CD's!

One of the questions I get asked most is "Now, do you bring your own CD's?" Well to be brief, yes I do; all 250+ of them! I started my music collection when I was 13, and now three years later, it has grown to great lengths. Whether it's the best jazz, the newest pop and dance, or the best oldies, I have them all! The music I play at all events are 100% edited versions of popular songs, so you do not have to worry about me playing any songs with foul language.

;) How about those Sony CD players!?

Another question I get asked is "Can you play two CD's at once?" Again, yes I can. I can actually play up to 3 CD's at the same time! The equipment that I use is not from Best Buy! It's all profesional quality and from company's who only specialize in DJ equipment and pro audio. I also have a mixer that allows me to mix and fade music from my dual-CD player as well as my backup CD player. No Sony here, sorry;(

;) Oh yeah, well it can't be that loud!...can it?

Oh, yes it can!!! Lot's of people think that since I'm 16, I do not own equipment necessary for reproducing sound loud enough to fill up a dance hall, or a conference room. All I can say is that they are dead wrong. My equipment is loud to the extreme. My equipment reaches SPL's of well over 110db and sound levels of 100db! My speakers are specially designed for long throw sound reproduction, which is used for concerts and in athletic stadiums, which allows the sound to travel farther since there is so much power going into each set of speakers! Each set of speakers includes a 500 watt sub woofer and a 3-way, 300 watt cabinet. Each set of speakers receives 600 watts of pure power from my QSC amp! You may be wondering why I don't power them with 800 watts of power, and that is because at 300 watts, the cabinet is at it's maximum power handling, and any more would break the sound components. All that sound with quality of digital CD players and high quality amplifier technology is just one rung in the ladder of a good party!

;) Most DJ's don't charge that much.

Yes, they do! A common question is "Why do you charge so much?" That is the best question I get asked, and it is the most fun to answer!. First of all, at 80 dollars per hour, it really is a lot of money to spend for a party. When it comes to my competition (on a per hour basis), they charge at least double what I do. You might say, "Yea, but that's only because they aren't teens." That's where it gets confusing. I may be a teen, but compared with DJ's in the area, I have the skills and enthusiasm of the veterans. When I'm not Djing my own parties, I am around checking out other DJ's in the area, and/or working with them to pick up on tips and tricks that help me become better and better! Compared with other DJ's, my equipment is a dream system. I have almost double the amount of power for my speakers, more lights, more CD's, and an attitude better than the hire-per-gig DJ's that work for chain companies.

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