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Cd Player--- Gemini CD-240

Instant Start 0.015 Seconds Dual CD player with digital output (BNC connector) 20 second Anti-Shock Buffer Memory Robo Start Cue/B Exit and Cue/B Return Single-auto cue/continuous function 1-bit linear 8 times oversampling Cue to music Precision frame accurate search (1/75 sec-step) Three time displays (disc remain, track remain, elapsed time) Jog wheel search and reverse & forward stutter Scan dial forward or reverse at 6 different speeds Dust-away rubber buttons & locking transport doors Variable pitch control กพ 4% กพ 8% กพ 16% & pitch bend Auto CD calibration feature reads and calibrates laser to read CDs, CD-ROMs and CD-RW discs eliminating read errors