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MOTD for 4.16.02

Well, taxes are all done and sent off. I ended up owing the government $47, which is a far cry from the $807 I owed last year. No complaints from that dept. Work has been progressing nicely on The Promised LAN , a HUGE LAN event scheduled for Memorial Day weekend 2002. Go check it out if you've never been to one before. Drop me a line in the meantime on AIM: thegreatsam and let me know what you're thinking!
7 more weeks until I graduate from college!


Some Weird Photos taken of me

The Weather in Hell

This smiley got too close to my fires

You have days left until my 22nd birthday!

Some pictures from christmas break...and my first shot at building web galleries

Pictures from my summer employment at Glacier National Park!

At Last! Pictures from my French exchange posted!

See pictures of my car...i think its totaled...

Just some miscellaneous pictures I had floating around on my webspace...

If you are interested in seeing a collection of my computer renderings (3D computer art) please click here

The 100 phatty reasons why its better to be a guy

Some pictures of me and my girlfriend (the lovely and talented Ms. Julie hunter)

The awesomely incredible snowboarding game...
(this requires shockwave-click here if you dont have it)

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