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Pictures from Glacier National Park

We had some fun on the 4th of july

Here is Katie and Colm. Such a nice picture!

This is in front of the entrance to the Montana State Fair. I really like how this picture turned out, cause its a great shot of both these ladies!

This is me, alex, and lance on top of a waterfall on the cobalt lake trail.

Megan came to visit me when i bbq'd at midnight. How's cliff doing?

Possible one of the funnest things i've done all summer. We all went up to the top of logans pass (16 miles) and biked back down at midnight!

The wonderful montana sunsets.

Shots from the pimps n ho's party

How cheesy can you get. Jeff was one cool mofo.

Sarah and AJ just before we saw the lights in the sky. UFO lights.

A great shot of St. Mary Lake

This would be the same ride maxie ralphed on a few moments later

Once again i have no clue what chris is doing.

If you want to see more pictures i have them all listed alphabetically here.