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Pictures from Glacier National Park (Part 1)

Maxie, Tara and me at the Montana State fair.

Here is what was known as "Cabin Row." The 3rd cabin down was my 1st home.

This was St. Mary's Lodge, and inside was the snowgoose restaurant where i worked for the summer.

This is my friend Lance walking through some beargrass near Cobalt Lake.

The little beer cart at the St. Mary's market.

St. Mary's Lodge is situated on the Blackfeet Tribal Lands, and this is what the blackfeet put up on their borders. I think its a cool shot.

The ceremonial burning of the work shoes.

This is Brenna. She was one of the cooler chicks that worked up there for the summer. LOVES to sing...

This is cory showing off one of his tricks. This mofo can do some pretty owesome things with that bike of his. Cory was an awesome roomate before he moved into his own cabin. Definetly one of the coolest people up there this summer.

This is cory, nelson, and the little retard mogly (i dont know how to spell his name) in my 1st cabin.

This is Chris. This guy is one cool guy. I dont think i met a single person up there that didn't like him. Definetly caught the eye of one lady...

Awwww...they're doing laundry together...

this was taken right before we went rafting on the flathead river. That was an awesome trip and i wish i would have taken pictures on the water.

I have no clue what chris was doing, but i think this was taken when we were stopped by a ranger checkpoint.

Here is my favorite set of pictures. This is the retard Chris Rodkey, totally drunk. First, he drank1/2 a bottle of will's crown royal, and a bottle of rootbeer schnapps. What are you doing Jeff?



GONE! Way to go Chris! I wonder how many times you did this that night.

Aftermath of one of the party's. Hey! At least we cleaned up after ourselve. Most of the time.

A nice picture of the clouds.

More to come on Part 2...