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Ahh...Good Ol' ChiChi's

Well..Howabout we Start it with the whole reason why we went to ChiChi's in the first place...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISSA!!!!!!

Since it was her was free drinks for her. After she was done however, we were all broke.

Some of my friends...Gina is on the left with her Margarita (there are more pictures of this hottie somewhere else onmy webpage)...very cool gal..Kelly is on the right with her Strawberry Daiquri (i heard she's available all you interested guys!)

Left to right...Eric...Marissa...and Brittney...their smiling has nothing to do with being happy...well...a different kind of happy than what me and you are used to.

Here's the group shot. Wow...thats a lot of drinks...Ooh! Ooh! That's me! I'm there on the left somewhere.