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Sam's Pages of Wonder
Hello. My name is Sam Mills, Webmaster here and soccer player extrordinaire. I want you to enjoy yourselves, and come back often. If you want to make me really happy you should sign my guestbook. Oh..and if you're special may have gotten an award. Go have a looksy!

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I got really bored on christmas day

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This smiley got too close to my fires

You have shopping days until my birthday!

Finally, For all those who have been bugging me, Here are the Pictures from my French Exchange Trip (This includes pictures from Chi-Chi's)

Dude...Here is the Vancouver Plice Department's Most Wanted Webpage...This is really Freaky....YOU HAVE TO GO HERE!!!!!

See pictures of my car...i think its totaled...

If you are interested in seeing a collection of my computer renderings (3D computer art) please click here

Click here for the awards page

The 100 phatty reasons why its better to be a guy

Homework from BTEC 150 is located at

Some pictures of me and my girlfriend (the lovely and talented Ms. Julie hunter)

The awesomely incredible snowboarding game...
(this requires shockwave-click here if you dont have it)

The awesomely incredible rainbow that was drawn on the back of my neck...

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