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Chet's Studio

One day when I was four my mom had a baby
and his name was Sean.
I held him in my arms, and he looked at me
with those pretty blue eyes.
I did not know that he was so special.
When he smiles he gives me a hug
and when he laughs he makes me laugh too!
And when he plays games
he echoes the world.
And when he is happy he touches
my joyful heart.
The more he grows
the more special he is to me!

made specially for Chet!

Hi I am Chet and I am 10 years old. I have a 7 year old brother, and he is a little bit autistic. He used to be more autistic, but he went to special schools, hospitals, and all kinds of other things. Many people helped him. I think we helped him the most. But this page is really not for him, it is for brothers and sisters.
I will show you how hard it can be sometimes on this page. I will also show some neat things about having a brother like Sean. But I have to use my poems, pictures, and art because I have learning disabilities. It is hard for me to use speech and language because I have an audio processing disorder. Even with all of my therapy, I found out I have other learning disabilities probably that were caused by this hearing and language type of problem. My mom is helping me wite this part of the page just a little bit. I kinda talk like poems, so they are easy for me.
Sean is amazing sometimes. He is great at hide and seek. He always knows how to make me laugh. He loves games, computers, and chess. I call him "the wizzard". That makes him feel good. My most favorite thing about Sean is his laugh.
Some times it can be hard to be with Sean though, I am very, neat. It is hard because Sean can junk up the house. And we are always cleaning it up. The hardest thing about Sean is once he starts, you can not stop him... good or bad. It can be so hard to be around him because if I do some little thing he doesn't like, he will jump on me or hit me. He loves Bruce Lee, and sometimes he thins he is Bruce Lee I think. He really annoys me when he copies every word I say and everything I do. Sean loves to copy. He also seems to love to make people upset, really.

Some people are different
some people are special.
Everyone is not perfect
it does not matter.
Everyone is alive
execpt the people
who have died.
I'm alive,
Are you alive?

When I am playing games he doesn't want to play.
I get angry at him, and I go running back to my room.
I slam the door. I close my eyes and when I pause,
I think about running across Neptunes rings.
When I feel better I go out and say I'm sorry,
but he doesn't look at me with those pretty blue eyes.
I get angry all day long, and when I keep coming out
he throws a fit at me. So at the end of the day
it is all a little better. I feel happier,
but the anger inside of him stays.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
--Albert Einstein

This is me

This is my favorite picture of Sean. He is 4 yrs old here. He is still obsessed with frogs

This is Mon and Dad


Here are some basic things you can learn to do when your brother or sister is upsetting you:
~ If your brother or sister is making you angry, you can leave the room and-
-go punch a pillow
-go scream into a pillow
-go execise real hard
-go outside and play
-talk to someone
-go write you feelings down, or draw/color
~If your brother or sister makes you sad you can leave the room and-
-go write it down
-go talk to someone
-go listen to music
-go to a quiet place and do my favorite trick (next)
~My mom and I came up with a neat way to get through any bad feelings to calm down.
1) lay down in a quiet place
2) relax your muscles in your body (start with youir feet, then your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and what's really hard is your face)
3) breath nice and easy, in and out
4) let your imagination make a story in your mind, or let it take you to a favorite special place. Imagine what everything looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like, and tastes like. I like space because their is peace and hardly anything to sense because my brother can be so loud and all. I let my body float, and fly up to space. I start walking around Neptune or Saturn's rings. I am an artist and I like to see. Some people might like to go somewhere like the beach with lots to do.

Here are some tips for strangers:
-please don't stare, go on and ask about what is wrong, or don't look.
-and please, please don't bother the autisic kid. Like dont keep trying to play
and talk to them and all, it over stims them and can cause problems.
Here are some tips for family and friends:
-be honest and teach the brother or sister all about what is wrong
-let them help if they want to
-have separate bedrooms

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