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Dave's Redwing (McNeese)
Tied By William Lovelace

Dave's Redwing (McNeese)


Dave’s Redwing

Category Summer Steelhead
Hook Dai Riki 889 #4
Thread Orange Monocord
Tag Flat Gold Tinsel

Golden Pheasant Crest


Orange Floss Veiled by Red Hen Feathers

Rib Gold Twist (Original Fine Oval Gold Tinsel)
Wing Jungle Cock, Tippet and Jungle Cock followed by a Topping

Dave’s Redwing was tied by Samonfly.Net Contributing Fly Tyer William Lovelace.

Bill's Notes: The original fly tied by Dave McNeese used the red feathers from a Red Wing Blackbird. See John Shewey’s Book Steelhead Flies for more information.

Webmaster's notes: John Shewey gives a nice history of this fly in his book Steelhead Flies, but amongst other things, he also notes that the fly, which was originated by Dave McNeese in the late 1970s has proven not only to be beautiful, but a productive one for summer steelhead. But so as not to give everything away, you should, as Bill notes, see John Shewey's book.

Read more about William Lovelace and see more of his flies at The Flies of William Lovelace.

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