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Ljungan Squid
Tied By Tobbe Hedin

Ljungan Squid, A Tobbe Hedin Fly


Ljungan Squid

Category Sea Trout / Salmon / Steelhead
Hook Partridge Salar Gold or Silver size 3-7 or on Tube F.I.T.S. Flourescent Orange X-Small glued together with a Medium tube cut to the right size
Tail A Hot Orange Spey Hackle. Two Golden Pheasant Toppings tied in over and under. Two Jungle Cook Eyes. And Two Strands of Mirror Flash Hot Orange.

Polar Chenille Flourescent Flame

Body Flourescent Red Flat Braid First. Then Over the Flat Braid a Strand of Mirage Saltwater Flash wound tight and secured with Super Glue
Wing A Hot Orange Marabou Hackle, 8 Fibers of Lady Amherst Pheasant Tail Feather around the Fly as a Collar. Then Two Strands of Mirror Flash tied in V-Shaped over the fly.

Flouerscent Orange Varnish on Hooks and A Copper or Flou Orange Cone Head on Tube

Ljungan Squid was tied by Swedish Fly Tyer and contributer to Salmonfly.Net, Tobbe Heddin.

Tobbe writes about this fly: "...and here is a new pattern from me. It’s called "Ljungan Squid". I was inspired by Ken Sawada when I tied this one. I think it would work fine on Steelhead, Salmon & Sea Trout. Ken has been taking fish all over the world on his Squid patterns, so this one should not fail. "

Read more about Tobbe Hedin and see more of his flies at The Flies of Tobbe Hedin .

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