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P.M. Brassie

P.M. Brassie

Name P.M. Brassie
Category Steelhead
Hook Small Dry Fly Hook
Thread Black
Tail Purple Bucktail, Long and Fine
Body Copper Wire
Thorax Purple Dubbing (I Used SLF)
Collar One or Two Turns of Purple Hackle
Head Black

Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen, in their book, Flies for Steelhead, attribute P.M Brassie to Peter Micol, who tied it as a variation of the popular trout fly-"Brassie" for Pere Marquette steelhead. It is meant to be a caddis pupa immitation. Stewart and Allen note that during the 1930s and 40s, a series of steelhead flies with brass and copper wire bodies was developed by Peter Schwabb of Yreka, California.

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