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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Dillon Creek Special (McWithey)
Tied by Steve Burke

Dillon Creek Special (McWithey)
Name Dillon Creek Special
Category Steelhead
Tail4 Strands of Gold Crystal Flash over Guinea Fowl Hackle Barbs
ButtFluorescent Red Chenille
BodyBlack Chenille
RibFlat Silver Tinsel
WingGolden Badger Hackle Tips, Curving Outward
Collar Guinea Fowl
Head Red

This is the winter version of the fly originated by Austin McWithey around 1989. It was developed for the Lower Klamath River's low-water conditions. The summer version is tied with a chartreuse butt, gold tinsel, and gold crystal flash horns. The guinea fowl is tied on as a sparse beard rather than a full collar.