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Little Chum Bug

Name Little Chum Bug
Category Chum Salmon
Hook Gamakatsu Octopus, or Salt Water Hook, Size 1/0 to 2/0 (Don't Forget to Pinch Down the Barb, Only Barbless Allowed in the Salt)
Tail White, Red, Orange or Pink Egg Yarn
Body Matching Thread
Wing Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink, Fl. Red or Fl. Orange Egg Yarn, Tie two Strands on Top and Two on Bottom of Hook Shank Toward Front of Hook; Flare Rearward and Wrap Thread to Form Head in Front of Yarn.
Eyes Large or Medium Bead Chain Eyes, Depending on How Fast You Want It to Sink
Head Matching Thread

Note: I developed this simple fly for fishing the Chums in the salt at Hoodsport near the Finch Creek hatchery, after watching the corky fisherman take fish with yarn and a corky. I tie it in a variety of colors, but have had the most success with the chartreuse variations. If you hit the tides right, (usually on an outgoing tide) there are huge schools of Chum Salmon moving back and forth along the shoreline, waiting to make their run into the Creek channel. I fish these yarn concoctions on a floating line, casting in front of the moving schools. You're casting there in water that's about 3-7 ft of water, so I tie on about a 5 ft. leader. Usually it will be picked up by one of those monsters, if it's fished at the right depth. I've found, fishing a fast sinking line or sink-tip gets it down underneath the fish at this depth. By varying the sinking speed of the fly with bead chain eyes, you can get the fly to float in front of the fish. You often can induce a strike as well with a slow, deliberate retrieve.

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