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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Farrar Marabou (Farrar)
Tied by Steve Burke

Farrar Marabou (Farrar)
Name Farrar Marabou
Category Steelhead
BodyPurple Dubbing
RibFlat Silver Tinsel
HacklePurple Marabou Fibers Stripped From the Stem and Placed in a Dubbing Loop with the Butt Ends Trimmed; Twist Loop to Lock Fibers; Stroke to Rear and Wrap Around Hook
Wing Purple Flashabou
Collar Red Golden Pheasant Body Feather Followed By Teal
Topping The Tip of a Golden Pheasant Body Feather
Head Red

The pattern for this fly came from the fine book by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen, Flies for Steelhead. They write that this fly, originated by Seattle guide and fly tier, John Farrar was inspired by Poul Jorgensen's method of dubbing rabbit fur as hackle with a dubbing loop.