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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide

Willy Fry Fly

Willy Fry Fly
Name Willy Fry Fly
Category Sea-Run Cutthroat
Hook Size 10, 3XL
Thread Black
Tail 6-8 Strands Golden Pheasant Breast Feather
Body Silver Tinsel Wrapped Tight
Throat Red Wool, Length Same as Hook Gap
Wing Two Strips of Teal to the End of the Tail
Topping 4-5 Strands of Olive Marabou Fiber
Head Black

Note: This pattern was originated by Billy Allen, one our Contributing Fly Tyers. He wrote with the pattern, saying that the Cutts up in BC were nailing it. Billy's flies can be seen at The Flies of William Allen.